Unique, Limited Edition, Straights, Bubblers and Dab Rigs!

Rocky Mountain High Scientific Glassware™ sells high quality hand blown Custom Glass Bongs, American Glass Bongs, Scientific Glass Bongs, Scientific Water Pipes, Dab Rigs, Glycerin Chillers, and similar types of glassware. All of our water pipes are great for flower or concentrate and is made from the finest German Schott 50x5mm glass tubes. We are located in Dallas, TX and we only use the highly skilled, seasoned Artisans from OTG Glassworks Custom Shop in California to bring our pieces to life! We love what we do and want you to have the best glass smoking pipes available anywhere, at the cheapest possible point.

Our brand “Rocky Mountain High Scientific Glass™” comes from our love of the outdoors and the ruggedness of Rockies.

Quartz Bangers

Our custom quartz bangers are a whopping 4mm thick. while most others are 2mm thick, our double thick bangers won’t heat damage yourglass water pipe or bong! Did we mention that even though they are twice the thickness of most quartz bangers – they are not twice the cost! Save even more when you purchase a quartz banger in combination with one of our bongs!