Who is Rocky Mountain High Scientific Glass?

How we started

Before Creating Rocky Mountain High, Scientific Glassware™, I was a Sr. UX Designer/Developer who worked for digital agencies for the last 12 years designing enterprise level e-commerce websites. My business partner, was in marketing , we met through mutual friends and hit it off right away, becoming fast friends with our love for the outdoors! So, how did we get into the scientific glass bong business (you ask) well, I had developed several online stores for a company in Upstate NY that sold glass bongs in their 29 nationwide retail shops and in doing so, I had to coordinate with glass water bong manufacturers and custom glass bong blowers for online inventory fulfillment. I fell in love with (of course) the high-end water bongs – but, I didn’t like the fact that they were over $350 bucks!

I wanted to make glass bongs!

I love designing websites, but I wanted to have an online store of my own, to sell my own brand of glass bongs to produce a product line of custom hand blown scientific glass water bongs that were as good or better than our competitors I wanted to make those awesome thick glass bongs with multiple percolators I loved so much and offer it at a price point that was cheaper than other online glass bong stores. I started re-connecting with the Scientific Glass Tube manufacturers and Glass Water Bong Blowing Artists to get an idea of the what it takes to design and make our own Glass Bong Water Pipes / glass smoking pipes of superior quality.

I couldn’t do it Myself

I did find that I could indeed get the price down enough for it all to make sense, but in order to do so – I would have to make a substantial investment – I needed financing, but I also needed someone who could help in day to day operations and marketing. So, I had lunch with my friend, I asked him if he would be interested in discussing an investment and if he would be able to share the operational duties with me for a 50/50 partnership – his answer was simply “yes and yes”! It is a great business relationship, He also holds a marketing degree from Texas Tech and has a great head for seeing the big picture, so we started a scientific glass company Global Glassware, LLC and created the brand “Rocky Mountain High Scientific Glassware™” The best glass bongs at the cheapest price points.

We are making Glass Water Bongs!

We now have 7 employees and are proud to bring our dream of offering you the very best in quality scientific glassware that won’t break the bank. We make our own hand blown, Glass Bong Water Pipes / glass smoking pipes, glycerine coil chillers and quartz bangers.We hope you like our Rocky Mountain High Scientific Glassware™ Brand and we will always stand behind our product 100%. If you have any suggestions for us please feel free to email me personally.

Michael H.
Managing Partner
Global Glassware, LLC